Day 39- 49 / Let it go

Buenos días!

I hope you are all well! Time just flies by - speaking of flying, I'm sitting at the airport in Fuerteventura right now and I feel like I just landed in Spain yesterday. But that's always the way it is when you have a good time. And I had it - incredibly beautiful. Fuerteventura, already on my first and second visit to the island you enchanted me and this time you didn't disappoint me either. Not at all! DeutscherText hier

A few weeks ago I would not have thought that this is possible. And even today I still be surprised when you send me photos thickly wrapped in hats and gloves or when you tell me that you have now got your Christmas decoration - that is miles away for me, even if the first Sunday in Advent is not long in coming. But I'm sure you can understand that I want to do without biscuits and prefer Hugo to mulled wine!

The fact that I can enjoy the sun and sea in Europe in November at over 30 degrees is an incredible gift for me. Because I was particularly looking forward to the "long summer" of my originally planned Australia/New Zealand/Indonesia trip. But these temperatures are not the norm for Fuerteventuara at this time of the year. Over 20 degrees is realistic, but over 30 degrees and almost no wind is an exception. Why do I only have the feeling that I am always a lucky child during my trip?

I've already been told that some of you are a bit disappointed that I'm just lazing on the beach now and that you don't have anything left of my adventures 😉. Yes, you know, I also had an interesting exchange with Uli, whom I met here in the hotel, about the saying "standing still is regression". And as I mentioned in one of the blog post before, breaks while travelling are very valuable. And these ten days have been very good for me. In this case, standing still is not a step backwards for me, but the possibility to let impressions sink in, to collect thoughts, to get new energy, in order to be ready for new experiences.

And good for you that I didn't just lie lazy in the sun all day (you wouldn't have been able to stand it with the temperatures and no, I'm not complaining at all) and still have a little to report and show today.

Speaking of complaining. I notice how I react more and more irritably to the nagging of some holidaymakers. "Now I book holidays here and there's no evening programme, you can't help yourself to the buffet, you have to book a meal slot and there's not enough staff," is how and so similarly one heard some voices. Well, folks, your alternative is the lockdown in Germany - you have sun, beach, you can swim in the sea and pool, the gym is open, there are sports courses (outdoor with distance) and fortunately also a lot of people who appreciate this luxury in current times and who are full of joy. And with the latter I have primarily surrounded myself. By the way, the staff problem during the first days in the hotel was based on the fact that the employees simply did not come to the island because of the limited flight capacity and the sudden "rush" of many holidaymakers - which was communicated super with apologies and was not that bad! As the club manager said "After months of forced breaks we are more than happy that we were allowed to open at all and we are willing to stick to the measures, thus securing several hundred jobs for our employees and giving you a nice holiday".

On my arrival the club was 40 % full and on my departure 70 % (500 guests). Due to the hygiene concept it will not be more than that. And I think the measures were really well implemented here and the recreation was by no means neglected.

On the day of my arrival I first headed for my favourite beach. Here you can walk endlessly. Some days I walked for four hours on the beach, you just have to watch out for high and low tide, otherwise some parts of the beach are not passable anymore. Happiness is definitely to feel the warm fine sand under your feet, to hear the sound of the waves and to let your eyes wander over the turquoise clear sea. I will never get tired of this. And it wasn't too cool for a swim in the sea either, even I (not too often ready for a swim) went swimming a few times. And nature tells the most beautiful stories again. So fascinating, how many traces appear in the sand and disappear with a wave. A beautiful picture for your possibilities to rewrite a sheet at any time and to go new ways.

Speaking of paths that cross from time to time, as reported in my last blog post: Sometimes consciously like with Alisa in Switzerland or like in Fuerteventura by pure coincidence, which can be found under "The world is a village". While at first I thought I was wrong, it turned out after consulting my aunt that her friends and favourite guestonomists Rainer and Tanja from Ladenburg were also in the Robinson Club. Both of them know my family very well, we haven`t had much contact so far but that had changed during my holidays and we have already arranged a "reunion" in my home country for next year.

Thank you very much for the nice, funny and interesting conversations with you and Nadja and Sebastian. And thank you for taking my car key with you to Ladenburg 😉. My beloved brother will pick up my car at the airport, otherwise the parking fee would be over 500 Euro. Muchas Gracias best brother in the world! And thanks also to my girls, who would also have helped out, so nice to know that you are always there!

By the way, Rainer and the group experienced an incredible day at sea. Unfortunately, I only found out afterwards in worse weather conditions (bad in the form of high waves) that dolphins and whales can be observed on Fuerteventura and I would never have thought it is possible that these pictures were taken here in Europe. Therefore I share the impressions of their trip with you - thanks to the star photographers 😉 I know which trip I will definitely make on my next visit to the island if the weather is suitable!

But I had a few other nice trips. The first time I increased my radius around Jandia a bit and saw a little more of the island. For example, I made a day trip with Marc across the island to Corralejo and other places. The nature park is famous for its dunes, this desert-like nature is only found on Fuerteventura. The 2.5 x 10.5 kilometre large coastal section is located in the north-east of the island. The white sand flows into the turquoise sea, which seemed even clearer than my dream beach at Morro Jable. A neat contrast to the otherwise rocky volcanic landscape in shades of ochre and red.

Marc let his drone fly here and I am happy to be allowed to add his videos to you, because from above this landscape looks even more impressive. And of course I have also captured some photos with my camera. It's always nice to go out with people who like discover some places, take the time to enjoy the place and also capture it in pictures - shared patience, so to speak. Besides the visit of the dunes we were both grateful to have packed our swimsuits, because the beaches in the north of the island are really fantastic and so we made a stop for a swim. I can't imagine that the beaches in the South Seas can be much more beautiful. Thanks Marc for the trip and the days with you, it was nice to meet you 😊

It became a little more sporty for me and the group around Andreas, Felix and Andi on our trip to La Pared. Situated on the west coast, the 900 m long sandy beach is especially known by surfers. However, you have to know exactly in which sections you can surf, as there is almost always a strong surf and dangerous undercurrent.

We also wanted to take the waves of Fuerteventura with the board and booked a surf course. My last surfing experience in Tenerife was three years ago - an incredibly beautiful time at the surf camp, but with a rather painful memory in the form of a broken coccyx. However, it was always clear to me that I would like to surf again, it was just never an opportunity before. Fall down, get up, adjust the crown and go on! And here, unlike in Tenerife, there were no rocks that could be dangerous for my coccyx, only a sandy beach.

After an introduction and information about the radius in which we are allowed to surf we started. We were all a bit scared by the size of the big waves. However, we were primarily moving in white water and the biggest challenge for us was the strong current. Unbelievable what power the water has. Everyone who has ever surfed knows that almost every muscle is strained. Especially the laugh muscles, in the bitter fight against the current. Most of the time the current wins, by the way: you go ahead one metre, the next wave comes and you are suddenly thrown back three metres. But the fight was worth it, the feeling you get when you stand on the board again and steer towards the beach with the power of the wave. Surfing is and remains simply a pure feeling of freedom, joy and sore muscles (the next day).

Interesting was also the conversation with our surf instructor, who told us about the times of the lockdown on the island. Here lockdown was really on the agenda - no exit, only at certain times and only for necessary activities like shopping. The residents were monitored with drones and whoever thought he could fake a trip to the supermarket with shopping bags was quickly fined 500 €. "If you were out and about, the receipt was not allowed to be older than one hour, it was checked", said the Spaniard. Dog owners were also allowed to walk a maximum of 200 metres from their homes. You really have to say that we have been much milder off in Germany so far!

At the Robinson Club I also met some travellers who, like me, have or had a longer break to explore the world. For example, Uli and Tom, two colleagues and close friends who started in South America in January and in times of Corona in March, their actually carefree trip suddenly turned out differently than planned. "I wasn't afraid at any time, but of course it was suddenly more difficult to find accommodation abroad for the lockdown," says Uli. Nobody knew at that time how long "this phase" would last and whether one should break off the trip at the other end of the world or "sit out the lockdown for a while". But the short sitting out was over and they both

were transported back to Germany. After a few months in their home country they decided to travel through Europe by car and experienced many an adventure. In any case it was once again a very exciting encounter!

A very special encounter was also the one with Caro. Caro actually came to the island with her team of dancers to perform the evening programme of the Robinson Club, but one day after her arrival the Spanish government (understandably) banned the show programme in hotels. And so she gave a few unplanned "Dance Workout" classes. And since I really miss my ballet troupe around Simone and the Ladenburger Tanzwerk, I took a breath of dance air here. Caro herself described the course like Zuma in the style of hip-hop - and I can confirm that. The format comes from Caro's boss Detlef Soost (D!), who teaches at his dance schools all over Germany, challenges the heart and circulation and makes time fly by. The latter can be traced back to the music (how good it felt to finally listen to music loud and dance to it again) and on the other hand to the passion and lifeblood of Caro. I simply love to see people who are so passionate about their job - people who are full of energy and motivate others by their activity! And then I thought to myself that I would like to dance a little more, but try a different style. And sometimes you just have to do, don't hesitate, follow the feeling and don't wait too long. So Fuerteventura gave me another unforgettable moment, when I danced with Caro a kind of (for beginners a little easier knitted) Contemporary. To a special song - which has taken on a personal meaning for me over the last few years. And Caro wrote a piece of my history and brought the past into the present. Because some things are not said, but danced. It is not about perfection, but about what we feel. Let it go! To leave things behind and look ahead - to part with people and things that are not good for you. Because only when we leave things behind and let go we are ready for new things and sometimes we are more ourselves than before!

A thousand thanks Caro. I can't wait to see you again very soon in Stuttgart, to talk to you, dance and meet your family!

Apart from dancing, I especially enjoyed the morning yoga. Since I was usually awake around seven o'clock anyway, there was enough time to enjoy the sunrise at 7.30 a.m. on the beach, to swim and to participate in the yoga from 8.30 a.m. Actually, it would have been enough for me to just lie on my yoga mat - that alone was pure relaxation with the view of the palm trees, the sound of the sea and the warmth of the sunrays. I am so infinitely grateful that I was able to experience these days and feel like a new person.

Speaking of newborn, there were also some families with children in the club. And children and I have always had a certain attraction. So it didn't take long here either and I had a few little friends. For example David (3), Silas (5) and Henry (5). After exchanging all the important information such as the name of the kindergarten group, favourite food and how annoying their siblings are, it was time for the later dream job. My highlight was definitely Henry's wish to become a secretary, because she always has jelly babies for him in daddy's office :D But he was insecure if he could become a secretary as a man - how good that diversity makes everything possible today. So I took away his fear right away, what do you do for gentlemen who estimated my age at nine years in the first attempt and at 11 years with reference to the fact that I am already a little older (made my day). By the way, when asked how old they thought mum and dad were, they answered 15. It's good to see the world through children's eyes.

Another highlight was the Spanish cleaning lady, who visibly enjoyed greeting us in the morning with "Moin", "Grüß Gott" or "Morsche" with a Spanish accent. It is the little things that make the day so great.

So I enjoyed talking to some of you on the phone for the first time in weeks and I am always happy to receive your voice messages (up to 12 minutes :D) or photos and videos (for example how little Jonas is taking his first steps now and will probably run away when I am back). And I already knew it before my trip but I have never felt it so intensely as here: I have the most wonderful people around me and that is the greatest gift. Thank you!

Three days ago I arrived at my next stop (yes, sometimes a few days pass from the beginning of a blog post to its publication, I always write a few lines, just as it fits 😉). I couldn't leave the sun behind me that fast - and the Canary Islands have some islands. And so I landed on "La Palma - La isla bonita" - a real paradise. Wrongfully, many people don't know it or hardly know it at all. And therefore you can look forward to the next article, I promise you, you will not be disappointed. And no, here I'm not only lazy on the beach - maybe a couple of times, but there is so much to discover here, I'm curious what to expect!

I send you sun and a lot of warmth,


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